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This is a three story 5500 sq ft home with a small cottage out back for rent. Set in the beautiful and historic city of Gonzales, this rental property offers all the amenities. We have a chef’s kitchen, hot tub, high speed wi-fi, and private office. The Boothe House is the perfect place to vacation whether you’re bringing work or taking the week off!

   The Boothe House was built in 1913 by Emily James ‘Jimmie’ Lea Boothe. The home was designed by famed architect Atlee B. Ayres who designed many buildings in central Texas and Mexico. Jimmie died in 1930 and was preceded in death by her husband, Joseph Henry Boothe who died in 1911. The Boothe House, known historically as the J. H. Boothe House was named after Jimmie’s husband whom she wed in 1879. J. H. Boothe was a politician, who served the Texas legislature as a democrat before going on to serve as mayor of Gonzales. 

    Following Jimmie’s death in 1913, The Boothe House then became the family home of Ross Boothe Sr. Ross lived in The Boothe House with his wife, Lucile Benet Boothe. Ross and Lucile had one son, Ross Boothe Jr. Ross died in 1971, Lucile passed in 1988. Following his mother’s death, Ross Boothe Jr. had the house boarded up and it sat vacant for many years before being sold to Teddy Paul Sides. The house then became an office for a time. 

    In 1996, the property was sold to Dawn & Alfred O’Donnel. When they took occupancy, they took down all the siding formerly covering the grand windows that adorn the bottom two levels of the home. The O’Donnel’s lovingly restored the property, built the guest house in the style of the original period and added a pool. They opened The Boothe House Bed & Breakfast. The property went through two short ownerships in 2006 and 2007, falling into foreclosure and disrepair. The property was again sold in 2010 to Clint Hille and Richard Tillman, who had a passion for architecture in small Texas towns. Clint and Richard restored The Boothe House in 2012 and once again it became a bed & breakfast. The bed & breakfast closed in 2018, after the untimely death of Richard. The property did not sell again until 2020.


     In September of 2020 The Boothe House was purchased by Katie Heim and Lindsey Dionne, both of Houston, Tx. They bought the home in the hopes of once again bringing her back to her former Victorian glory. The Victorian residence now features bright and bold colors, whimsical décor, and modern amenities. In 2022, The Boothe House once again opened for guests as a vacation rental property.  Katie and Lindsey are excited to share their vision with visitors for years to come. They also hope to rename the house after Emily James "Jimmie" Lea Boothe since the home was her vision, and obtain updated historical status. 







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